RDH Consulting provides services to manage all aspects of completion operations with a primary focus on stimulation/fracturing services. We ensure that all service companies and 3rd party contractors are working in compliance with company policy and procedures, safety guidelines, and governmental regulations. We maintain responsibility for organizing and coordinating equipment, products, and services for timely and cost-effective completion of projects, with a strong focus on safety and service quality. We have also performed extensive work with a variety of service companies on location (Frac crew, wireline, flow back, & Coil Tubing.)

In 2011 I served as the lead representative for the Frac segment, of a Halliburton turnkey operation, to stimulate the first horizontal shale formation to be performed by Aramco within Saudi Arabia.

Also in 2011, I operated as Service Leader for a frac crew that completed a 15 well frac package in one month for Oxy in the country of Bahrain.

In the mid-2000s I treated numerous high-pressure jobs which consistently had treatment pressures of 16,000psi or higher for Chesapeake in the Granite Wash formation near and around Sweetwater, OK.

I have performed stimulation services on varying well types, both vertical and horizontal and have delivered through production tubing assemblies both with packers and dead string configurations.

I have also conducted numerous zipper-fracs of 4 wells or more in the North Dakota Bakken and Three Forks formations and also, at present, in the Marcellus and Utica formations in the PA/WV/OH region. Using both crosslink gel and slickwater carriers.

Having spent 20 years in the O&G industry conducting various tasks I have come to know that we can always accomplish far more when we are working toward a common goal and that teamwork is vital to finding success. To build great teams great leadership is required, and having the courage to conduct ourselves with honor and integrity, not only when it is convenient but also when it is not is one of the best characteristics we can have. Building on the premise that the performance of a team is a direct reflection of its leadership, I will always strive to become a better leader.